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Call for Translators’ Submissions to PEN Presents

PEN Presents showcases the work of literary translation, and  aims to give UK publishers access to titles from underrepresented languages and regions.

Farewell, Asmara

Literary Events

You’re invited to the launch of Em Dial’s Virtual Poetry Exhibition THE BALL

In “The Ball,” poet Em Dial explores how the mythos of the overtly sexual and desperately self-loathing “quad***n” has been crafted by some of the most atrocious sides of science and history. Throughout this exhibition are poems, self-portraits, and artifacts through which an artist attempts to separate themself, their queerness, and their complex familial history from the disturbing resonance of the American imagination.


DOIW 2022 – Peter Showler writes to José Rubén Zamora Marroquín

Peter Showler writes to José Rubén Zamora Marroquín on PEN International’s Day of the Imprisoned Writer.

DOIW 2022: Anna Porter writes to Server Mustafayev

DOIW 2022: El Jones writes to Tsitsi Dangarembga

From the Archives

TIFA 2022 — The Freedom to Write and to Read: Standing with Salman Rushdie

“Free Speech is the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.” — Salman Rushdie PEN Canada, Penguin Random House Canada, Toronto International Festival of Authors and Writers’ Trust of Canada …

Q&A with Chris Tenove on Toxic Disinformation