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Can the Police Search my Phone?

This Know Your Rights guide is intended to help you understand your rights if you are asked to show your phone to the police. It is the second in a series aimed at helping you understand your legal rights to free expression and privacy. The Know Your Rights series is partially funded by IFEX and is part of PEN Canada’s Canadian Issues program.

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What are the New Threats to Free Speech?

What are the subtle and not so subtle ways free expression is hampered in Canada? Patrick Finn and Chris Turner discussed shifting terminology and simplistic soundbites in our first ever event in Calgary.

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India: Lift Ban on BBC film and Release Anyone Held for Screening It

The banning of the BBC film India’s Daughter is yet another example of the chilling climate of censorship in India, PEN International said today, as it urged the government to lift the ban immediately and release anyone arrested as result of screening the film.

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From the Archives: A Writer’s Journey

Martha Kumsa came to Canada in 1991. As a journalist from Ethiopia, she had been held in prison under atrocius conditions for nine years and eight months before being released in 1989 with the help of PEN Canada. The following is a reflection on fractured identity, from being Oromo, to Ethiopian, to a Black writer in Canada.

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Video and Audio: Still Points in a Turning World

We are pleased to present the video highlights and full audio from Wade Davis and John Vaillant’s conversation on a writer’s role in a fast-changing world from our Spring Ideas in Dialogue event.

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