Exploring Systemic Islamophobia in Canada

Join a panel of leading experts who examine how Islamophobia is enabled, perpetuated, and even rendered respectable in Canada. What can be done to help Canada fulfill its promise of being an inclusive democratic society?

What Will AI Mean for Free Expression?

October 3, 2023 4pm – 5:30pm Online CFE event What Will AI Mean for Free Expression? Artificial intelligence technologies are powerful curators of information and arbiters of online content. But …

Confronting the new wave of Antisemitism

Confronting the new wave of Antisemitism Philip Slayton In conversation with Samir Gandesha Antisemitism is resurgent in our age of social media, identity politics, and populism. In his new book, Antisemitism: An ancient …

CFE online event — Putin’s War Against Journalists

One year after Russian president Vladimir Putin launched his invasion and muzzled Russian media, what have we learned from the war against Ukraine and against journalists?  Join three Russian journalists who spoke at a CFE panel one year ago to see how they have refused to be silenced. How are Russia’s independent media fighting to expose the truth about the war? What are the challenges  as the war heads into its second year?