China protests outside Southern Weekend offices

Songbirds in a Bamboo Cage

China stands at a crossroads of reform. In November, the fifth generation of leaders since the People’s Republic was founded was installed at the Eighteenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

Self-immolating protester

Tibet’s Burning Questions

During the last three years, almost 100 Tibetans have committed suicide by self immolation to protest conditions under Chinese rule. The wider world has been slow to respond to these protests and reluctant to “re-examine how it [has] acquiesced to China’s Tibet policies.”

Pussy Riot balacalva

Action for Pussy Riot and Liu Xiaobo

On PEN International’s 31st Day of the Imprisoned Writer, teams of PEN Canada volunteers will take to the streets of Toronto and invite pedestrians to be photographed holding large images of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, and Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

PEN Canada press release

Jiang Weiping on Bo Xilai

Bo Xilai, the former boss of the Chongqing Communist Party, was recently sacked after a corruption scandal involving his family. Jiang Weiping, an Honorary Member of PEN Canada, is a Chinese journalist who served a six year prison sentence for “inciting subversion of state power” after he published an exposé of Bo’s corruption more than a decade ago.