Support PEN Canada: write a brighter future

Help us write a brighter future for writers in peril.

From playwrights to bloggers, from poets to investigative reporters, PEN Canada strives to protect and defend freedom of expression for all, by elevating everyone’s right to a world of stories.

To date, PEN Canada has helped to free more than 80 writers and journalists from death sentences and lengthy prison terms. Here at home, it has supported exiled authors seeking refuge in Canada, and helped scores of poets, playwrights, writers and journalists find residencies, mentorships and support at the start of their careers.

Starting today, we ask for your help.

Launching Giving Tuesday, PEN Canada’s end-of-year campaign starts November 28 and runs until December 31.

Every dollar donated to PEN Canada helps to start a new chapter in a deserving writer or journalist’s life. This end-of-year campaign will raise funds to support year-round advocacy, like:

  • Replenishing an Emergency Fund which provides direct aid to writers and journalists in peril around the world
  • Supporting the Writers-in-Exile community across Canada
  • Amplifying Canadian voices in literature and bringing freedom of expression to the fore

Starting Giving Tuesday, we’ll be sharing seven impact testimonials from the PEN community. They are writers in exile, writers in peril, and emerging writers. They are teachers, novelists, journalists, activists, bloggers and poets.

In return, we hope you’ll share your care for those we assist, by donating to our year-end campaign. In any way or size you give, you will receive a tax receipt for your donation to PEN Canada.

Be a part of it. Give this Tuesday.