Dieu Cay, Why I Support PEN

PEN Canada’s end-of-year campaign launched Tuesday, November 28 and runs until December 31.
To understand PEN Canada’s impact, we’re sharing testimonials from the PEN community. They are writers in exile, writers in peril, and emerging writers. They are teachers, novelists, journalists, activists, bloggers and poets. Dieu Cay writes: 

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I come from a country with one of the world’s worst press freedom records; a place  where hundreds of journalists and bloggers are currently detained. I myself have received two prison sentences of up to 15 years just for exercising my freedom of speech. I understand personally and professionally the value, and dire need, to expand free media space in countries controlled by authoritarian dictatorships.

Therefore, I am grateful for PEN’s support and contributions to the development of a free press, protecting the creative freedom of writers and artists.

Please join me in supporting a free media network with your much needed donation to PEN Canada.

Dieu Cay | Nguyen Van Hai

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