Trafficking and Torture in the Sinai

On Thursday, September 19, 2013 Dan Connell will address Ryerson University’s International Issues Discussion (IID) series on political and human rights crises in Eritrea.


Writer and Professor Kamal Al Solaylee discusses his experience in the sexually-liberated West and his past in the Middle East.

free expression matters

PEN Survey Results

When presented with a number of issues in Canada and abroad, 80% of respondents reported they were very or extremely concerned about the silencing of Canadian scientists and 77% were very or extremely concerned about right to information and access to information laws in Canada.

Tom Flanagan

Defending Tom Flanagan

Taken together, the hysterical pillorying of Tom Flanagan and the Supreme Court decision on William Whatcott do not bode well for a healthy climate of free speech in this country.

PEN Canada press release

PEN Canada on Bill 78 and Freedom of Expression

PEN Canada considers Bill 78 to be overreaching, containing provisions that go beyond what is necessary to ensure that assemblies and demonstrations by students and others are peaceful. As such, PEN believes the Bill indirectly limits freedom of expression and asks the Government of Québec to reconsider this legislation.

PEN Canada press release

PEN Canada Speaks Up for Silenced Scientists

“We cannot expect Canadian scientists to work productively for the greater good at home, or exert Canadian influence abroad, if their work is routinely subordinated to the demands of political messaging. If this is not the case, the government should offer a plausible explanation for its actions.”