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The RCMP must be held accountable for their repeated violations of the rights of media in Canada. As the minister responsible for their oversight, we demand that you take immediate steps to investigate and correct the RCMP’s actions and to ensure that going forward, journalists’ right to report will be protected in this country. 

News Human Rights Freedom of Expression PEN Canada News and Releases

PEN Canada Condemns Ontario’s Invocation of Section 33

Today PEN Canada condemned the government of Ontario’s invocation of Section 33 of the Charter of Rights, the Notwithstanding Clause, to sideline a Superior Court justice’s ruling that it had infringed on freedom-of-expression rights protected by the Charter.

"iPhones don't count"

“iPhones don’t count”: PMO’s Arbitrary Limits on Journalists

Justin Giovannetti writes about how he and eight other journalists who had previously been cleared to attend a photo opportunity with Prime Minister Stephen Harper had their credentials refused. PEN Canada believes reporters must be free from arbitrary limits on their ability to report information, especially as the tools of journalism evolve.

From the Archives: A Report on the Eli Langer Trial

In October 1993, PEN Canada’s Writer in Prison chair, Marian Botsford Fraser, attended and reported on the trial of Eli Langer, an artist whose works were seized on the basis of a newly amended definition of child pornography that was extended to include any visual representation of a person under the age of 18 engaged in “explicit sexual activity”.