Free CFE Online Event: Muslims and the Media

Free CFE Online Event: Muslims and the Media


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Muslims and the Media: Western media’s role in fanning fear of Islam and Muslims
#5 in CFE Series: Threats to Press Freedom
Thursday, March 2nd, 2-3:30 pm  EST (via Zoom)

In his Massey Essay, Haroon Siddiqui argues that “our ostensibly free media… has played a leading role in the cultural warfare waged on Muslims, chiefly against [those].. who are fellow citizens in the West and, most ironically, against Muslim women.” Join a panel of distinguished journalists who will critically discuss the role of Western media in relation to Islamophobia since 9/11.

Co-sponsors: Canadian Association of Journalists, Canadian Journalism Foundation, PEN Canada


  • Tony Burman, former Managing Director of Al Jazeera English and Editor-in-Chief of CBC News
  • Omar Sachedina, Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV National News
  • Michelle Shephard, Award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker who has covered issues of terrorism and civil rights since 9/11
  • Haroon Siddiqui, Editorial Page Editor Emeritus at Toronto Star


  • Julian Sher, Investigative Journalist, Author, Filmmaker, and Media Trainer; former Senior Producer of CBC TV’s  fifth estate.

Zoom link to event

This is a free event and no registration is required.

Please contact if you require accommodation to ensure inclusion in this event.