Can Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated? | Online Event

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?  | Online Event


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


FREE EVENT from the Centre for Free Expression (CFE)
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Artificial intelligence raises a host of legal and human rights issues that can have potentially grave impacts on virtually every aspect of our lives. Join a panel of experts as they explore the very possibility of being able to regulate AI to maximize its benefits for society and minimize its harms.

Panelists: Fenwick McKelvey,  Christelle Tessono, and Jahn
Moderator: Brenda McPhail

This is a free event and no registration is required. It’s co-sponsored by PEN Canada and the Master of Public Policy in Digital Society Program, McMaster University.

Please contact if you require accommodation to ensure inclusion in this event. Learn more information about this and other CFE events.