Meta silences Canadian journalism

A whole world of disinformation is at your fingertips on Google and Meta. Quack remedies, conspiracy theories, fake news manufactured by bot farms in Russia and China, are a click away. But if you are looking for reliable, fact-based Canadian news, or long-form essays by our country’s leading thinkers and writers, well, that’s harder to find, and about to get a whole lot harder, courtesy of Facebook.

Christine Wu wins 2023 RBC/PEN Canada New Voices Award

“Hungry Ghosts is a deeply moving and masterfully crafted collection of poems that surpasses the boundaries of memory, love, family, and personal growth,” reads the jury citation. “The writer’s exquisite precision and grace, infused with profound wisdom, skillfully navigates the delicate art of letting go, effortlessly weaving the tapestry of past and present.”

PEN mourns the death of Victoria Amelia, PEN Ukraine Member and Writer

July 3, 2023– PEN International joins PEN Ukraine in mourning the killing of writer, PEN Ukraine member and human rights defender Victoria Amelina, following a horrific Russian missile strike in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine on June 27, 2023. Amelina was seriously injured and rushed to hospital in Dnipro. She passed away on July 1, 2023. She was 37 years old.

GRC report: Not Just Words

The Global Reporting Centre has just released a new report, Not Just Words: How Reputational Attacks Harm Journalists and Undermine Press Freedom. This report follows the launch of a website summarizing its …

Confronting the new wave of Antisemitism

Confronting the new wave of Antisemitism Philip Slayton In conversation with Samir Gandesha Antisemitism is resurgent in our age of social media, identity politics, and populism. In his new book, Antisemitism: An ancient …