PEN Canada policy on diversity and inclusivity

PEN Canada is a nonpartisan charity that celebrates literature, defends freedom of expression and helps exiled writers to establish new lives in Canada. PEN Canada believes that literature is the shared inheritance of all humanity and opposes all forms of marginalization and discrimination.

PEN Canada embraces cultural diversity and inclusion and it will actively endeavour to embody these values.

All PEN Canada members are invited to engage with, debate, and contribute to its programmes, policies and activities. PEN further seeks full participation from and respectful engagement with groups that have traditionally been marginalized and oppressed.

PEN Canada is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination. PEN Canada endeavours to treat all membership, staff, programming partners and volunteers with courtesy and respect. Any decisions that affect employment or career development shall be made solely on an individual’s ability to do the job required.

PEN Canada’s communications, both internal and public, will endeavour to reflect its commitment to inclusivity. PEN Canada endeavours to adopt all measures within its power to reasonably accommodate disadvantaged minorities and to make its public events and office as accessible as possible.

PEN Canada will periodically review this policy and make any adjustments necessary to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices.