On Eritrea’s Future

On January 6, 2015, 6 Eritrean journalists were released on bail after being imprisoned in 2009, when the government conducted a raid on journalists. Brendan de Caires interviewed Eritrean journalist and member of the PEN Writers in Exile Committee Aaron Berhane about the release and the implications for the country’s future.

From the Archives: Prisoner Without a Name

Tonight, a guard, not following the rules, leaves the peephole ajar. I wait a while to see what will happen but it remains open. Standing on tiptoe, I peer out. There’s a narrow corridor, and across from my cell I can see at least two other doors. Indeed, I have a full view of two doors. What a sensation of freedom!

Marco Antonio López Ortiz

Marco Antonio López Ortiz

Marco Antonio López Ortiz, a news editor for the daily newspaper Novedades Acapulco, was assaulted and abducted by unidentified men on the night of June 7, 2011.

Jennifer Lanthier stamp collector

Connecting and Sharing Stories in the Community

I’ve placed an empty chair for the imprisoned Uighur writer Nurmuhemmet Yasin – sentenced to ten years in a Chinese prison in 2004 for writing a short story. I tell them The Stamp Collector grew out of advocacy work I was doing on his behalf for PEN Canada.

World Press Freedom Day

Same Message, Different Medium

This year, PEN International is celebrating the rights of all citizens on Press Freedom Day. As always, we champion the rights of media organizations and journalists to safe, uncensored reporting and publication and pay tribute to those who have been killed and disappeared. But we celebrate especially the rights of all citizens to untrammelled access to information and truth…


Zarganar Freed in Political Amnesty

PEN Canada welcomes the release of Maung Thura – the Burmese poet and comedian better known as ‘Zarganar’ – in an amnesty for several hundred prisoners in Myanmar. Zarganar is an Honorary Member of PEN Canada and the recipient of our 2008 One Humanity Award.