Hendrik Hertaberg in conversation with Chrystia Freeland

Reimagining Democracy – Q&A with Hendrik Hertzberg

PEN Canada asked Hendrik Hertzberg, why it has become so difficult to rein in vested interests in the United States, and to overcome Constitutional hurdles to progressive legislation on gun control, healthcare and campaign finance reform.

Reinventing the Book – A Q&A with Hugh McGuire

Books have never been individual pursuits. There are editors and put-upon friends, colleagues, trusted advisors, agents, mothers and fathers, workshoppers, copyeditors, proofreaders, designers … all of whom influence what book is finally published. No writer is an island.

Spur Festival cover photo

Spur Festival

PEN Canada partners with the Literary Review of Canada and Diaspora Dialogues to launch Spur, a new national festival of politics, art and ideas in Toronto and Winnipeg this spring.