PEN Canada press release

Privacy Could Vanish if Cyber-Bullying Act Became Law

PEN Canada voiced its concern at revelations that local telecom companies and other service providers disclosed personal information from nearly 800,000 customers in a single year, a practice that would be codified in two bills currently before Parliament.

Laudable Aim, Questionable Law

Following the suicide of Halifax teenager Rehtaeh Parsons in April 2013, cyber-bullying has become the focus of a national debate in Canada. Nova Scotia’s Cyber-Safety Act was drafted with the laudable goal of preventing similar tragedies, but it raises difficult questions about the extent to which free expression can be monitored by well-intentioned legislators.

Public Photography is No Crime

PEN Canada affirms that the rights of people to make photographs and films in public places and in private places open to the public, and publish them, are hallmarks of a transparent democracy.

non-speak week scilencing scientists

Sci-lenced: A Conversation at Massey College

On October 17, 2012, as part of Non-Speak Week, PEN Canada partnered with the Canadian Science Writers Association to host Sci-lenced, a panel discussion on the prevention of media access to government scientists. The venue was intimate, the crowd was thoughtful, and the conversation was engaging.

Kingston Penitentiary

Education Behind Bars

he prisoners have different motivations – some just want social contact, or to get a breath of fresh air from their normal routine – but many are sincere and want to improve their skills, get GEDs and that sort of stuff.