Poetry of Resistance – Trilingual Edition of Rasha Omran’s Work Available Now

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At last year’s Cairo Literature festival, Canadian writer, Kim Echlin met Syrian poet and activist, Rasha Omran who now lives in exile in Egypt. Omran has publically opposed the Assad regime since the 2011 revolution. Her poetry is her ongoing resistance to the silencing and erasure of Syria. The country’s pre-war population was 22 million people. Estimates of death, displacement and exile are now a half million dead, six million internally displaced, and five million refugees outside of Syria. More than half of the country’s population is in exile, displaced, or dead. Thousands have been allegedly arrested and tortured in prisons.

Rasha remembers the early peaceful demonstrations in which Syrian youth used song and dance to protest. “The protestors turned their slogans into songs, and participants invented matching Debkeh dances…They demanded a pluralistic democratic civil state under the authority of the law. Then police shot bullets at the demonstrators. Their blood was mixed into the soil of Syria. Now, all that beauty is lost. It is drowned in the sea, disappeared into prisons.”

Rasha Omran worked with Egyptian writer Abdelrehim Youssef, Kim Echlin and Italian translator Monica Pareschi to create this Canadian trilingual edition of her poetry, now available online. The tradition of multi-lingual literary editions embraces the rich potential of cultures side by side. This trilingual edition is resistance.

Read the trilingual edition of Rasha Omran’s Defy the Silence here.

Photo: From left to right, Nesma Elsakaan, Rasha Omran, Kim Echlin and Monica Pareschi.

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