Zarganar Freed in Political Amnesty


Honorary Member and One Humanity Award-winner, Maung Thura released

PEN Canada welcomes the release of Maung Thura – the Burmese poet and comedian better known as ‘Zarganar’ – in an amnesty for several hundred prisoners in Myanmar. Zarganar is an Honorary Member of PEN Canada and the recipient of our 2008 One Humanity Award.

The amnesty – which is scheduled to free more than 6,000 prisoners – follows a series of high-level meetings between Myanmar’s newly elected civilian government and Nobel Laureate and pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Speaking to the BBC shortly after his release, Zarganar described his release as conditional: “If I do something wrong they will send me back. I’m not happy today because there are so many of my friends still in prison,” he said.

Watch the Reporters without Borders interview with Zarganar.