İlkyaz – New Voices from Turkey

İlkyaz is a monthly literary platform that features the work of Turkish authors under the age of 35 whose voices are rarely heard. The publication aims to amplify their voice and reach by showcasing three writers each month.

Since launching in December 2018, İlkyaz – which means early Spring – has partnered with a different PEN Centre every month to ensure that the profiled works of the three selected writers, is distributed as widely as possible both in Turkey and beyond.

“This to us is a perfect way to non-politically engage with the ensuing crackdown on free expression in Turkey whilst also helping support its future writers and thus members of PEN, acquainting and inducting them to the rest of the network and audiences,” explains Ege Dündar, Turkey advisor to PEN International and founder of  İlkyaz.

The three featured writers are

Tuğba Zengin 

Abdullah Öztürk

S. Emre Özcan

Dündar encourages readers to reach out to the writers, should they feel moved to do so.

Alternatively, if one of the pieces published here or previously on İlkyaz sparks a creative response, you may apply for an opportunity to collaborate with the writer of your choice.

“Anything from short films to animations, music to paintings are welcome. We will introduce the artist to the young writer in Turkey online. The collaboration will then feature on our website and at events across Turkey,” says Dündar. The collaborators will also receive £50 each.

Please visit the İlkyaz website to see the work of previously featured writers.