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In December 2017, PEN Canada held security training workshops in Guatemala City for a group of journalists who are particularly vulnerable to targeted aggression. Sixteen Indigenous female community radio journalists were taught how to minimize the risks of physical and sexual violence, extrajudicial detention, intimidation, and abduction; how to strengthen solidarity with media and human rights organizations, and how to manage the chronic stress that can overwhelm journalists who work in such difficult conditions. (A short film about the project is available here.)

Guatemala continues to be a highly dangerous country for journalists to work in. In August 2019, PEN Canada will provide further training for journalists there at an intensive 3-day course run by Global Journalist Security. Customized for high-risk environments, the workshops will focus on risk reduction, travel security, basic digital hygiene, and techniques that minimize threats from street crime, sexual assault, civil unrest and hostile mobs, ordnance and combat hazards, interrogation and captivity.

Your financial support is critical to the success of this project. Please help us ensure the safety and security of journalists working in an increasingly dangerous environment, by donating in one of the following ways.*

$2000 full enrolment for 1 journalist
$1000 accommodation and transport for 2 journalists
$500 accommodation and transport for 1 journalist
$100 logistical support

* Donors will be acknowledged as sponsors of this project on our website. Donations can also be made anonymously.


Further details of the workshop are available here.

Given the absence of robust protection mechanisms, this kind of intensive security training will provide journalists with practical and potentially life-saving techniques that shield them from the violence and impunity which have plagued Guatemala for decades.

PEN Canada graciously thanks our patrons and donors for their continued support.

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