Forbidden Reading poster

Forbidden Reading

Mark Johnston, director of documentary “Forbidden Reading,” speaks with PEN Canada about the project and some of the contemporary censorship issues addressed in the film.

defamation word cloud

Deep Freeze

PEN Canada discusses libel chill with the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee researcher Franklin Carter..

Tom Flanagan

Defending Tom Flanagan

Taken together, the hysterical pillorying of Tom Flanagan and the Supreme Court decision on William Whatcott do not bode well for a healthy climate of free speech in this country.

Turkey’s Enigmatic Alliances

Following a visit to Turkey earlier this year, Kurdish Iraqi journalist Ayub Nuri considers Ankara’s support for Syrian rebel forces and its own record of silencing domestic dissent.

Gender Equality

International Women’s Day 2013

Societies that have poor records of human rights seldom work hard to uphold women’s rights, a problem that can put female journalists and activists at a greater risk of violence…

Bear – A Defence of Reading

I am an enemy to the concept of “inappropriate” as here described, because it is a veiled form of an uglier – less “appropriate” – term, namely censorship

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Shedding Light on the Dark Side

Ahead of our event with him next week, PEN Canada spoke with Siems about the book, his thoughts on the current administration’s approach to the torture, and what he made of the reaction to Zero Dark Thirty.

China protests outside Southern Weekend offices

Songbirds in a Bamboo Cage

China stands at a crossroads of reform. In November, the fifth generation of leaders since the People’s Republic was founded was installed at the Eighteenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.