Pussy Riot balacalva

Action for Pussy Riot and Liu Xiaobo

On PEN International’s 31st Day of the Imprisoned Writer, teams of PEN Canada volunteers will take to the streets of Toronto and invite pedestrians to be photographed holding large images of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, and Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

democracy Mark Kingwell Janice Stein

The State of Democracy in the US and Canada

“Democracy,” said Janice Gross Stein, “is how you treat the people that didn’t vote for you!” she acknowledged that the ‘trench warfare’ of divisive politics may leave us exhausted and skeptical, but she warned that we shouldn’t confuse “a lack of progress with a lack of significance.”

PEN Canada press release

Fighting Impunity in Central America

PEN Canada is pleased to continue our partnership with the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto. This year’s project will focus on the sources of impunity in …

Clayton Ruby

Member Spotlight – Clayton Ruby

PEN Canada affords writers the opportunity to act together to safeguard the freedoms necessary for thought and expression. It is an excellent forum through which to work in concert towards a common goal, and I recommend that all writers join in this very important and significant work.

Mark Kingwell

Member Spotlight – Mark Kingwell

The greatest threat to freedom of expression in many parts of the world is just the same as it always was: authoritarian and repressive governments who know that the cold light of the truth, expressed with force and wit, is dangerous to their power.