Jennifer Lanthier stamp collector

Connecting and Sharing Stories in the Community

I’ve placed an empty chair for the imprisoned Uighur writer Nurmuhemmet Yasin – sentenced to ten years in a Chinese prison in 2004 for writing a short story. I tell them The Stamp Collector grew out of advocacy work I was doing on his behalf for PEN Canada.

Funny Strange: Satire after Mordecai Richler

Spring and Laughter in the Air

What do you get when you cross a writer, a comedian, and a columnist? Solid social commentary, slips of self-loathing, and a whole lotta laughs as everyone in attendance at PEN’s spring Ideas in Dialogue quickly found out.


PEN Canada 2012 Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of year again, on Thursday, June 14, 2012, PEN Canada will be holding its AGM in the Upper Dining Room at the Faculty Club (41 Willcocks St.) at the University of Toronto.

World Press Freedom Day

Same Message, Different Medium

This year, PEN International is celebrating the rights of all citizens on Press Freedom Day. As always, we champion the rights of media organizations and journalists to safe, uncensored reporting and publication and pay tribute to those who have been killed and disappeared. But we celebrate especially the rights of all citizens to untrammelled access to information and truth…

PEN Canada press release

Meet PEN Canada’s New Executive Director

Who is defined as a writer today? How do we advocate most effectively in an online world? How can we create a national conversation about freedom of expression? The internet has meant that though ideas can spread further and more quickly than ever before, there are also more opportunities than ever for free speech to be curtailed.

PEN Canada press release

Jiang Weiping on Bo Xilai

Bo Xilai, the former boss of the Chongqing Communist Party, was recently sacked after a corruption scandal involving his family. Jiang Weiping, an Honorary Member of PEN Canada, is a Chinese journalist who served a six year prison sentence for “inciting subversion of state power” after he published an exposé of Bo’s corruption more than a decade ago.